The Real Reasons Behind Running

The Real Reasons Behind Running.

Today for lunch, I had vegetables with a side of fries. That’s right, I said fries. Before I lose all credibility as a sports RD, let me tell you what else I did today- I got up with the sun and rode my bike to work. I’ll ride it home too (only option) and then go for a run. This past weekend, I ran a marathon. So like many of you, I feel entitled to a little junk food now and then (keeps my sanity in check).

There are many reasons why people exercise- some exercise because their doc makes them, others because their wife shoves them out the door, some exercise so they can eat whatever they want (okay… we should probably discuss this mindset), and still others exercise because those endorphins make them feel good. Whatever your reason for pounding the pavement, shooting hoops, spinning your wheels, swinging that racket, or doing whatever sweaty activity suits you, we’re glad you’re out there getting fit while fighting the obesity crisis. For those of you who are in the pre-contemplation stage of the exercise hierarchy, check out Jenna’s latest blog post for some inspiration. If the picture of the pasta bowl as big as your head doesn’t send you running for the lap pool, nothing will!