Eating Healthy Starts at Home

Healty food.

As a RD who loves to teach clients and culinary student how to cook more healthfully, I relish the fact that the kitchen (be it gourmet and granite-topped, commercial and covered in stainless, or a simple 5′ x 5′ room containing a stove and sink) has the power to totally change one’s health and lifestyle. I love the fact that any one of us can taking a dish that was once laden with fat, calories, and other junk, and add or subtract oils, fruit, vegetables, spices, herbs, and other items to give it a “healthy face lift” of sorts.

To a nutrition nerd, these changes sometimes seem obvious, and consequently I’m floored by tales of fat-laden mashed potaotes and sugar-filled zucchni breads that commonly fill commerical kitchens (and sometime the home-kitchen too!). While I was hoping that these nutrition follies were unusual, it seems that some of the cooking mistakes commonly performed in my own kitchen (by a client or, ahem, myself!) happen across the nation.

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