Biking- do you know what you’re missing?

Biking image.

If I was to take a survey concerning my current mode of transportation, I’d proudly select “cycling” as my primary mode of transport, with “my own 2 feet” coming in a close second.

In truth, I haven’t driven my car in weeks. My husband would argue that this is because I (he?) lost the keys, but actually it’s because I like biking. By biking to work (15 miles each way) I can fit in additional IM workout, I’m civil to my coworkers throughout the day, and I eat whatever I want (which I would do anyway but I feel a little bit better knowing I’ll burn off those animal crackers I just ate by the time I get home).

While I feel great about the miles I’ve logged, it has recently come to my attention that 30 miles a day ain’t nothin’. How did I come to this realization? I read Jenna’s blog about her recent bike trip across the great state of Iowa. That’s right- 200+ miles across the Hawkeye state. While this many miles may make your rear end sore just thinking about it, check out her report and pictures. Not only does RAGBRAI look like a great and relaxing time, it makes me want to hit the road in search of roadside farm stands right here in my hometown: