Monday, Monday


There’s a rumor going around that Blue Monday is simply a ploy, instigated by the travel industry, to get people inspired to go somewhere exotic during the winter.  It makes sense; why wouldn’t you think about heading out to someplace warm and far, far away if all you can see when you look out your window is snow and you haven’t been able to feel your toes or fingertips for weeks?

Blue Monday (which is arguably either the 3rd or 4th Monday of January) is supposedly the most depressing day of the year for factors other than weather. This “holiday” is said to (scientifically) occur because of 1. the onset of inevitable letdown from the recent holidays begins and 2. by now it’s likely that everyone’s New Year’s resolutions – which seemed so doable and encouraging at the time- are by now shattered. And while many took the day to wallow in the misery of not achieving their yearly goal (and why wouldn’t you given that less than 5% of the year has already passed…) there are others who took a different approach.

This past Monday, my husband, Jason, and our dog, Lola, began running. While I’m calling it the post-Christmas miracle, in reality, they probably got tired of me whining and begging and decided to put an end to it. But because I resolved to be a more positive person this year, I’m going to give them the benefit of the doubt, and carry on believing that they just decided to (finally) act on their New Year’s resolutions. I only hope the resolutions included “getting back in shape” and “becoming a healthier individual” as opposed to “get wife/owner to stop nagging”!

While I don’t know the exact reason behind the new-found inspiration, I can tell you the outcome; they are slowly, but surely keeping their resolutions and feeling better as a result. I’m telling you this because if an overworked husband and a dog that prefers to sleep 23.75hours of the day can work in a few miles here and there, you can too. So put down the donut, take off of Snuggie, put on those new kicks you got from Santa, put on 15 layers of clothing, and head out the door.

Exchange you snuggie for this t-shirt (add additional layers) and head out the door

Start with small, achievable goals (try 5 mins running, 1 min walking for a total of 20 mins) rather than insurmountable goals. Lofty goals are great but the lack of instant gratification can leave you feeling depressed and ready to give up. If running’s not your thing (I’ve heard that before…) that’s fine but it doesn’t give you an excuse to take up residence on the couch until May. Find an activity that you enjoy – be it lifting weights, yoga, zumba, whatever!- and make an appointment with yourself and the gym/club/workout studio. Last but not least, be like Journey (who wrote the best running song of all time) and Don’t Stop Believing. Your resolutions are achievable…because with dedication and hard work, any goal is achievable.

Stay warm, healthy, and happy my friends!